Transform Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Socorro, TX

Our Sunray Family Dentistry Staff provides cutting-edge in-office teeth whitening treatments designed to deliver stunning results swiftly. Utilizing a combination of advanced whitening gel and specialized light, our process effectively breaks up stains on your teeth, yielding a brighter, more youthful smile in as little as one hour. Our professional teeth whitening is not only fast and efficient but also safe, ensuring no damage to your tooth enamel. Patients can expect immediate and noticeable improvements in just one visit.

Notice quicker and more significant results compared to over-the-counter products

Choosing professional teeth whitening at Sunray Family Dental offers numerous benefits!

Our high-concentration whitening gel effectively removes discoloration from coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and other foods, providing longer-lasting results with less sensitivity. Under the supervision of Dr. Alonso, the whitening process is meticulously performed to minimize sensitivity and achieve optimal brightness. Post-treatment, we ensure that your teeth maintain their new whiteness through follow-up care and professional cleanings, helping you enjoy your radiant smile for a longer period. Visit us in El Paso or Socorro, TX, for a personalized teeth whitening experience tailored to your needs.