At Sunray Family Dentistry, Dr. Alejandro Alonso and his team are dedicated to offering the most advanced dental care available.

Advances in dental technology are essential for providing the highest level of dental care.

Embracing the latest technology such as 3D Imaging, Cone Beam, and Digital Scanner, Dr. Alonso ensures that patients receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date care available. This commitment to cutting-edge technology allows Sunray Family Dentistry to diagnose oral conditions more accurately, explore various treatment options, and deliver long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results.

Our Dental Technology Includes:

3D Imaging:

  • Provides detailed views of teeth and surrounding structures
  • Benefits: Improved diagnosis and treatment planning accuracy, increased patient safety, faster procedures, greater comfort, and cost-effectiveness

Cone Beam:
  • Utilizes low-dose X-ray beams for high-resolution 3D images
  • Uses: Low radiation exposure, identifying jaw tumors and infections, TMJ analysis, implant planning, orthodontic planning, periodontal diseases, and endodontic therapy

Digital Scanner
  • Captures detailed images without traditional X-rays
  • Benefits: Quick and easy scanning process, more accurate than traditional impressions, comfortable, safer, and more efficient